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We are very happy to welcome all of you to join The 3rd INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON WELDING AND JOINING 2017 (IWWJ 2017) on 23rd, November in Hanoi, Vietnam.

IWWJ is sponsored by The department of welding, Hanoi University and Science and Technology. In addition, it is co-sponsored by Bao Chi Co., Ltd, Vietnam Welding Society, vnWelding, etc. This event is a great chance for you to share new results in welding, joining and related fields, as well new technological solutions to other partners and scientists.

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8 Sep 2017

Prof. Manabu Tanaka-Invited speaker

Title of presentation: Trends in advanced welding processes 
Full name: Manabu Tanaka 
Position: Full-professor - Joining and Welding Research institute, Osaka University, Japan
Ref: http://www.dma.jim.osaka-u.ac.jp/view?l=en&u=6310


Manabu Tanaka
JWRI Japan

On February in 2008, Manabu Tanaka was a Professor at Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, and since then, he has continued at Osaka University. His major interests in physics of welding, including plasma diagnostics, electrode phenomena, and numerical modeling. Specifically, he conducted the laser scattering measurement of arc plasma at atmospheric pressure, and then he made clear the physical state of the anode boundary layer in argon gas tungsten arc and also revealed the existence of departure from the local hemodynamic equilibrium (LTE) in the arc. Continuously, he showed the mechanism of deep penetration in gas tungsten arc welding with activating flux(A-TIG) by the plasma diagnostics together with a unified numerical simulation of gas tungsten arc welding process